Product Highlight

Food will not stick to the Frogmats and is easy to turn without crumbing. Great for preparing fish and Ka Bobs. Fish will lift off the Frogmats with ease as does the vegetables in Ka Bobs. The open matrix of the Frogmats will eliminate to a large degree any food from falling through the grates. The Frogmats will not pick up odors from fish,. therefore each time it is used there will be no left over taste.

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Keep your grill in new condition with a Pitts & Spitts Grill cover. The custom-sized grill cover is a perfect fit for the Maverick Pellet Grill. Protect your grill from the elements with a Pitts & Spitts Grill Cover.

Available for the Maverick 850, 1250, & 2000!

Keep your grill in new condition with a tailored Louisiana Grills cover. The custom-sized grill cover is a perfect fit for the LG Country Smokers. The heavy-duty polyester material and PVC backing protect your grill from natural elements while the draw string construction makes it easy to keep it secure. Effective as well as durable, complement your Louisiana Grills grill with a cover and give it the protection it deserves.

Covers Available for the following Louisiana Grill Models (Call for Pricing)




LG800 Elite



Whole Hog

Super Hog


CS450/LG700 Smoke Cabinet

CS570/LG900 Smoke Cabinet

CS680/LG1100 Smoke Cabinet

Our form-fitting grill covers give your Memphis Grill an extra level of protection from the exterior elements. Made from durable 600 Denier polyester, our covers are water resistant and come in sizes to fit every grill model.

Advantage Cover

Elite Cart Cover

Elite Built-in Cover

Pro Cart Cover

Pro Built-in Cover

Beale Street Cart Cover

Green Mountain Grills has built and tested their form-fitting grill covers to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Protect your investment with a custom Green Mountain Grills cover designed to keep your grill happy.

DC Grill Cover

DB Prime WiFi Grill Cover

JB Prime WiFi Grill Cover


Add more cooking room to your grill with a smoke shelf (Upper Rack).


Upper Rack Davy Crockett

Upper Rack Daniel Boone

Upper Rack Jim Bowie

Maximize Your Grill Space
Maximize your cooking area; cook in larger quantities

Smoke, cook, dry, rotate and cure jerky, fish, beef, poultry, veggies, pizza & more

Save time and money; use less pellets or fuel to cook more food

BR3 Rack System

14-1/2″W x 10″D x 6-5/8″H
GMG – Davy Crockett
Traeger – Junior
Rec Tec – 300
Char Griller – Akorn Kamado
Primo – Ceramic Grill

BR5 Rack System

27″W x 19-1/2″D x 9-1/2″H

GMG – Jim Bowie
Mak – 4 Star
Yoder – YS1500

BR4 Rack System

19-1/2″W x 13-1/2″D x 7-7/8″H

GMG – Daniel Boone & Jim Bowie
Traeger – Lil Tex & Texas
Louisiana – CS450, CS570, CS680, LG700, LG900, LG1100 *w/o tray in top slot
Royal – 1000 & 2000
Rec Tec – 680
Smokin’ Brothers – Premier 36 & 30
Memphis – Elite
Blaz’n Grand Slam – with optional insulator
Pit Boss – 700 (thermometer just hits top tray, but fits)

BR6 Rack System

19-1/2″W x 13-1/2″D x 10-7/8″H

​GMG – Daniel Boone & Jim Bowie
Mak – 1 Star, 2 Star, 4 Star
Yoder – YS480, YS640
Blazin’N Grand Slam – w/o optional insulator
Masterbuilt – 30″ smoker

Need a Bull Rack Drip Tray or Perf Tray?  We have those too!  Call us to order today!

GrillGrates are reversible INTERLOCKING PANELS that fit across the surface of your grill. They can replace your existing grates or cover them. The GrillGrate produces juicier and more tender food.

Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates increase the grill surface temperature, reduces flare ups, hot and cold spots and delivers restaurant quality sear marks all at once. GrillGrates are the perfect replacement for old, rusted out grates.

GMG / Traeger Ironwood
Three panel set 16.25″ GrillGrates with Grate Tool

Three panel set 17.375″ GrillGrates with Grate Tool

Traeger / Mak
Three panel set 18.5″ GrillGrates w/ Grate Tool

Louisiana / Yoder
Three panel set 19.25″ GrillGrates with Grate Tool


Grill Grates Single Panel (5.25″)


Grill Grates Gap Panel (2 ribs/2.33″)


The Grate Valley Brush

Bristle Free, Double Helix Design
Specifically designed for use with your GrillGrates
Dual Head design allows you to clean two valleys at once
Durable galvanized steel “springs”
For maximum lifespan it is best to be stored out of the elements
15″ total length- 9.5″ handle, 4″ brush heads
100% Made In America


A-Maze-N 7″-12″ expanding tube
Smoke Generator creates clean smoke!
Cold Smoke Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and More!
Hot Smoke your favorite foods – See FAQ’s for more information
Constructed of Stainless Steel – Durable and will not rust
Small, light and portable
Can be used in a smoker or grill
No holes to drill
No cords to plug in
Produces very little heat
Easy to use
Easy to clean – NO “GOOEY MESS”!

 We stock Tappecue touch thermometers and accessories/parts as needed also! Paired with proprietary SessionBook and Offline Modes, the Tappecue thermometer becomes an even more powerful tool that enables grill masters to fine tune and perfect their technique to create award-winning recipes.

Tappecue Touch
w/ 4 extra care probes


Tappecue Storage/Water Resistant Case