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Green Mountain Grills!

It ALL starts here with a quality wood pellet grill from Green Mountain Grills® Grill. Check out our selection and contact us with any questions.


Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills!

It ALL starts here with a quality Louisiana® Grill. Check out our selection and contact us with any questions.


Bull Racks

Bull Rack!

The Ultimate Grill Tray System. Check out our selection and contact us with any questions.
Thermometer Grilling Accessories!
From Gourmet Rubs to Remote Thermometers—Everything you need to "accessorize" your grill!
Tappecue Tappecue Temperatue Monitoring System!
Wi-Fi enabled probes allow unlimited monitoring of your cooking. 
Patio Heater Wood Pellet Patio Heater!
Twice the heat for half cost!  Uses all natural wood pellets, no propane, no electricity. 
Trager Junior Frogmats

Frogmats Non-Stick Smoker Mats!

For use along with Your Traeger - Keeps those messy items in place...
RoboReel RoboReel

RoboReel Portable Power Cord and Water Hose Systems!

Convenient and easy to use system's to wind up your extenstion cord and water hose nice and neat every time.
Deep Pit J & S Grills, Deep-pit Seasoning from Bounty Foods!
The perfect seasoning for all your meats.
ET-732 Maverick

Maverick Wireless Thermometer!

For use along with Your BBQ/Smoker - Monitor your temps from 300 feet away...
Trager Junior Premium BBQ Pellets
Great Flavor Starts with Premium Fuel.
We Do What We LOVE!

We LOVE to grill! Everything that we sell we use...We continually research the world of BBQ grilling and stock only the finest in grills and grilling accessories.

The same things we use to feed our own families!


— Jeff,
Owner, J & S Grills

What People are Saying:

"J & S Grills has the best pricing and customer service of any other Traeger dealer. They help you with every step of the way; I should know I have 2 of them and use them almost every day all year long. Everything you cook on the grill comes out without burning and tastes great. It is like cooking for dummy's. I have referred family and friends and all have been very happy with Jeff, and J & S Grills.

— John Wallays, Seattle, WA

"I LOVE my Traeger Grill, at I found great prices and even better service!

Jeff was knowledgeable and guided me into a perfect fit for my grilling preferences, family size and budget. I would heartily recommend Jeff at J & S Grills for all of your BBQ needs!"

— Ty Rogel, Enumclaw, WA


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