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Timberline 850

The newest, baddest member of the wood-fired revolution. The Timberline's double-walled stainless steel interior insulates and maintains heat for unbeatable temperature control, and the Super Smoke Mode feature amps up flavor with the push of a button. Tired of babysitting your grill? Try out the Timberline's WiFire controller to change the temperature, set timers, set cooking profiles and access thousands of Traeger recipes all from your phone.

850 sq. in. cooking capacity
Traeger WiFIRE controller
Meat Probe
Meat Probe Storage
TRU Convection System
Traeger Dowdraft Exhaust System
Super Smoke mode
Keep warm mode
Custom Cook Cycles
Double-wall stainless steel interior
3 tiers of cooking surface
Stainless steel grill grates
Dual position smoke/sear grill grate
Concealed grease pan
Stainless steel front shelf
Stainless steel side shelf with hooks
Mangetic Bamboo cutting board
Sawhorse chassis
All-Terrain wheels
Hopper clean-out
Power cord hook
Locking casters
Easily holds up to: 38 burgers; 6 chickens; 54 hot dogs; 9 rib racks

Accessories available for the Timberline: 
Hydrotuff Cover

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Portable Traeger Scout Grill (PTG, BBQ020)

The Scout, the portable Traeger!  The perfect solution for anyone looking to bring the same great Traeger taste to camping, tailgating, picnicking, the college student, boating or whatever awaits you.  Wherever you can go, it can go.  Features 169 square inches (15" x 12") of cooking surface, along with Auto-start, E-Z drain grease system and dome thermometer, the PTG is a perfect introduction to wood pellet cooking.

Temperature Control:  Digital LED Thermostat
Grill Area:  15" x 12" (169 square inches)
Dimensions:  13" high x 21" wide x 17" deep
Weight:  40 pounds

Accessories available for the PTG: 
Hydrotuff Cover
Carrying Case
Grill Stand

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Trager Junior Tailgater Blue
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Traeger Junior Tailgater (BBQ155)

The most affordable Traeger Pellet grill yet! Perfectly sized for small households, tailgating, college living or as a second grill for your vacation home. Features 292 square inches (19" x 15") of cooking surface, along with Auto-start, E-Z drain grease system and dome thermometer, the junior is a perfect introduction to wood pellet cooking. The perfect travel grill.  Comes with the folding legs. 

Temperature Control:  Digital LED Thermostat
Grill Area:  15" x 19" (292 square inches)
Available in Bronze or Blue
Weight:  68 pounds

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Traeger PRO 22 (Lil Tex)

Features 418 square inches (22" x 19") of cooking surface, not including the extra shelf, auger-fed burner, electronic Autostart, mulit-position digital control, easy to read dome thermometer, viper casters/wheels and EZ-drain grease system. All the most popular Traeger features in a size and at a price for the masses. Now everyone can join in on the fun!

Temperature Control:  Pro Digital LED Thermostat
Includes 2 meat probes
Includes extra shelf
Hopper cleanout
Available in Bronze or Blue
Grill Area:  572 square inches
Weight:  126 pounds

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Traeger Pro 34 (Texas)

Designed after the traditional Texas Style wood cookers, this unit brings old fashioned wood cooking into the 21st century by featuring a high-tech auger-fed burner, 646 square inches (34" x 19") cooking surface, not including the extra shelf, electronic Autostart, mulit-position digital control, EZ-drain grease system and dome thermometer. Forget fire tending and temperature control problems. This unit automatically augers wood pellets to accurately provide cooking temperatures. Traditional design combined with 'state of the art' technology deliver professional results every time you cook.

Temperature Control:  Pro Digital LED Thermostat
Includes 2 meat probes
Includes extra shelf
Hopper cleanout
Available in Bronze or Blue

Grill Area:  884 square inches
Weight:  165 pounds

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Featured Products & Info

Traeger Grills

Food cooked on a Traeger simply tastes better… It is just that simple! In fact, most people purchase Traeger products because they have already tasted the Traeger difference at a backyard BBQ or at a Traeger demonstration at a local business.

Traeger provides rich flavors and taste to all dishes, turning even inexpensive cuts of meat into special occasions. Talk about savings! When you do splurge on that expensive cut of meat, you know that your Traeger grill will make it taste even better. No need to worry about destroying the main course due to a flare-up.

Cooking with Wood

The experts agree, if you want the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, you will need to use hardwood. However, up until now you have been given only two choices for grilling, propane or charcoal. Finally, technology has caught up and a healthier, safer and tastier alternative has arrived.

Before Traeger  Wood Pellet Grills, you just couldn’t cook with wood unless you wanted to dig up your backyard, build a pit, cut down the trees, chop the wood, and make the fire ... that sounds like a lot of work. At Traeger, we make cooking simple.

We have eight flavors of wood pellets that provide great taste to every dish. The amazing taste the pellets provide is just one of the many benefits, there are no artificial binders or additives. You can't say that about the other grilling options.

Additionally, Traeger cares about our environment. All Traeger Wood Pellet Grills reduce your carbon footprint and are made from 100% natural material. That means nothing harmful is cooking your food. That’s something we think is important.

As far as cost, wood pellets win there as well. Propane costs twice as much per BTU as natural wood pellets, and as far as charcoal is concerned, are there really any benefits?
Why Use Traeger  Natural Wood Pellets?

Traeger natural wood pellets are different than all others.  We are one of the few wood pellet grill companies that manufactures our own wood pellets.  Why is this important? By manufacturing our own pellets, we carefully control the quality and purity of our raw material supply.  Traeger natural wood pellets are made with only 100% VIRGIN hard wood material that has never been processed or recycled.   
What is the big deal about VIRGIN wood?

In our ongoing testing and research of hardwood pellets, we found that many other wood pellet manufacturers frequently utilize recycled wood material.  Recycled wood material many times will include treated or painted wood (from sources such as hardwood floors and furniture) and particle board or MDF to name just a few.  Did you know that formaldehyde is a chemical used widely by industry to manufacture building materials, particularly pressed wood products such as particle board and that most hardwood floors are treated with polyurethane?  Would you really want to be grilling your dinner over these types of potentially toxic materials?  

Processed wood by-products such as formaldehyde and polyurethane are extremely undesirable for use in barbeque pellets as they may produce toxic fumes and unpredictable variations in how pellets burn.  

Unfortunately at this time, there is little regulation over wood pellet content in the United States and what little regulation does exist is aimed at the wood pellet stove industry.  Due to this, many large pellet manufacturers obtain hardwood from wherever they can, including using the cheaper recycled wood sources.  At Traeger, we are committed to providing consistently high quality, SAFE hardwood barbeque pellets to maximize the Traeger experience and our customer’s safety.  We provide a measure of quality control that is unmatched in the industry.  

We vigorously monitor our selected raw material suppliers to insure strict compliance with our demanding standards as we do not particularly care to have our food or our children’s food flavored with polyurethane or formaldehyde.  We suspect that you feel the same way.

Why would you cook with anything else

Stop grilling,
start TRAEGER'ing!



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