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Bottom Shelf

Add some storage space to your grill with the bottom shelf. Attaches right to the legs of your grill, and holds up to 50 lbs. Made from 1.5mm cold rolled powder coated steel. 

Available for the PRO22, PRO34, Timberline 850 and Timberline 1300 grills. 

Extra Grill Rack

This extra grill rack adds 149 square inches of cooking space to your Lil' Tex or Lil' Tex Elite.  Made from the same porcelain coated steel as the grilling grate and is custom fit for your Lil' Tex or Lil' Tex Elite. 

Also available for the Texas Grill.  Adds 229 square inches of cooking space. 

Included with the new Pro Series Grills.

Folding Front Shelf
Available for Junior, Tailgater, Bronson 20, PRO 22 and PRO 34.

The all new folding front shelf.  Completely redesigned for maximum convenience and versatility! 

Insulation Blanket
Available for Junior, Tailgater, Bronson 20, PRO 22 and PRO 34.

The Thermal Insulation Blanket is the perfect cold weather companion for your Traeger! 

By insulating your grill, you will maintain consistent temperatures without burning extra pellets! 

Traeger® Everyday Cookbook

This cookbook features all the latest and greatest Traeger recipes and cooking tips. This book is your passport to great eating. Packed full of secret recipes and helpful grilling advice.

Over 80 recipes. Includes recipes for appetizers, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, seafood, vegetables, and baked goods & desserts.

Includes: Pellet Guide, Sauce Guide, Spice Guide

Traeger® Jerky Cookbook (Ebook)

Introducing "Traeger's Jerky Cookbook" featuring over 50 original recipes developed exclusively for owners of Traeger Pellet Grills. Learn how easy it is to make delicious homemade jerky using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Turn beef, turkey, chicken, venison, salmon, and other lean proteins into smoked meat snacks the whole family will love. Teriyaki Jerky, Pizza Jerky, Holiday Turkey Jerky, BBQ Jerky, and Rumrunner's Jerky are examples of the many tried-and true recipes featured in "Traeger's Jerky Cookbook".

No special equipment is necessary! You'll be making your own jerky in no time. Available only in eBook format.

Traeger® Digital Thermostat
Traeger® Spatula
Traeger® Syringe
Traeger® Chicken Throne
Traeger® Utensils
Traeger® Cover
Traeger® Optional Front Shelf
Traeger® Optional Smoker Shelf
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