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• Traeger Timberline Grills: 
    The new Timberline 850 and Timberline 1300 Grills are in stock. The Timberline has a double-wall commerical-grade stainless interior, along with an airtight lid gasket, to maintain temperatures and keep your wood-fireed heat where it's meant to be. The barrel shapes allows for a three-tier grate system, so you can fit more food to grill, smoke, sear, bake, roast, braise and BBQ.  

The Timberline features the new WiFIRE controller which gives you the freedom to change the themperature, set timers, set cook profiles and connect from your phone, anytime, anywhere via the Traeger App.  
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• Traeger PRO Series Grills: 
    The PRO Series Grills are in stock. Features on only the Pro series: New Digital Pro Controller with advanced grilling logic and two meat probes, Sawhorse chassis for increased stability, extra grill rack and hopper clean out. Available in Blue or Bronze.  

The Junior Tailgater now comes standard with the folding legs, making it the perfect Tailgating or Camping grill.  It is available in the Bronze or the new Blue finish.  
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• Pellet Fire Pit: 
    Now in stock. Pellet Fire Pit from Pellet Genie. No smoke and sparks, enchanting flame. No chopping wood. Uses about 40lbs in 5 hours. Burns very efficiently and puts out over 105,000 BTU.   Contact us for more details.

• Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System: 
    Now in stock. Unlike bluetooth and radio frequency thermometers that limit your range, the Tappecue removes the distance limitation with a reliable connection through Wi-Fi enabled probes. Tappecue will alert you when your food is done or cooking chamber has gone in or out of range on Android and iOS Smartphones.   Contact us for more details.

• New Accessories: 
    We now have in stock most of the new accessories for your Traeger grill, such as the Bottom Shelves, Folding Front Shelves, Insulation Blankets and Warming Shelves.   Contact us for more details.

• Demo/Used grills:
    We typically have a demo grill available. Contact us for prices and model availability.

• Looking for a Metal Carport or Garage?  
    We now are a dealer for West Coast Metal Buildings. Free installation on your level site. Multiple sizes and options available. Contact us for more information. More information will be be added here.   Contact us for more information or to place an order for one.

Authorized Dealer for:
Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System
     Wi-Fi enabled thermometer
Wood Pellet Patio Heater
     Outdoor Patio Heater burns wood pellets
Frogmats - Non-Stick Smoker Mats
Bounty Foods - J & S Grills Deep-pit Seasoning
Maverick - Wireless Remote BBQ Thermometer
Bear Paws® -   Meat Handling Forks
RoboReel's -   Power Cord and Water Hose Systems
Goal Zero -   PowerPacks and Solar Generators

  Top Ten Reasons to "Taste the Difference" and Cook
with Traeger Grills:
  • Food cooked with wood pellets has an amazing taste, better than food cooked on gas or charcoal.
  • Variety of pellets flavors gives your food a delicious flavor. 11 flavors to choose from.
  • Easy to start. Flip the switch and the pellets automatically light.
  • Safer than gas or charcoal grills. No gas leaks or smoldering briquettes to worry about.
  • Less flare-ups while cooking. The E-Z Grease Drain System transports grease dripping out of the cooking chamber into a galvanized catch bucket.
  • No need for a separate BBQ and smoker. Traeger can do both.
  • Cooking on a pellet grills adds zero fat, cholesterol or calories to your food.
  • Healthier Cooking. Recommended by the National Cancer Institute because it produces less benzopyrene.
  • The optional digital thermostat allows precise control of the cooking temperature inside the grill.
  • Grill Green. Pellets made from a renewable resource and burn 98.8% efficient. No fossil fuels are used in the operation of a Traeger. 
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